Pressure is mounting on Scotty From Marketing to reverse his poorly-received India travel ban as the United Nations joins a growing list of organisations that have condemned the laws as a blatant violation of human rights.

On Wednesday the UN Human Rights Commission raised “serious concerns” about the Morrison government’s move to ban its own citizens from returning from India and criminalise breaches.

The UN joins a large number of high-ranking figures within Morrison’s own party that have lit him up over this knee-jerk attempt at racist dog whistling, including prominent conservatives George Christensen MP and Senator Matt Canavan.

Media figures from Karl Stefanovic to even the renowned race-baiter Andrew Bolt have also criticised the Government for their unconstitutional ban on all citizens attempting to make their way back home to Australia from the COVID-ravaged subcontinent.

However, even with Mike ‘Mr Cricket’ Hussey contracting the virus in an Indian hotel room that he is imprisoned in for the foreseeable future, Scotty remains firm on his decision to be as stubborn with his borders as the QLD and WA Labor Governments – while also relishing in the opportunity to be racist as well.

With the India flight ban now dominating the news cycle and taking all the heat away from the whole ‘multiple rape allegations levelled against a large number of prominent Liberal Party identities’ – Morrison is much chirpier than many people would expect in the face of this tide-turning

So much so that he’s attempted to take to social media today to continue his blue collar daggy dag cosplay.

Media staffers are believed to have rushed into the PM’s office today, after word spread around the office that Scotty was about to post another photo of last night’s home made curries.

“Your highness, you cannot post that photo! You simply cannot, not with the all the India stuff in the news” shouts one subordinate Hillsong devotee.

“Nah haha. This ones a goodie. Jenny and the girls loved it! It’s got nuthin to do with India” giggled the PM.

A group of six staffers then wrestled the phone off the PM as he protested against their accusations of tone-deafness.

“Oh for gooness sake.” sooked the PM

“The people love my scomo-mosas!”


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