Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today criticised the suggestion by Greg Mullins, the former chief of NSW Fire and Rescue, and 23 other fire chiefs that the government was not adequately prepared for bushfires.

This is the only coverage that Greg Mullins and his coalition of terrified emergency response exports have been given by the Australian media, whose use of the words ‘climate change’ mean they have been greatly ignored by news publishers as they have been by the Australian government.

Speaking of the mental gymnastics of orthodox Christians, listen to our interview with John Safran below:

While experts continue to urge Morrison to listen to the science and to and dump more resources into stopping this catastrophe, the Prime Minister has instead offered to get some photos with Steve Smith and Justin Langer, because we all know cricket is the way out of this clusterfuck.

Mullins said he and 23 other fire and emergency chiefs had been trying to have a meeting with the prime minister, Scott Morrison, since April because they “knew that a bushfire crisis was coming”.

Instead, he said current fire chiefs had been locked out of discussions and were “not allowed” to mention climate change, because the Morrison government were in the middle of an election campaign that depended on the government and the Australian media breathing air into the debunked and dangerous mining-industry-led skepticism of climate change due to the fact that any conversations about renewable energies may spell trouble for the fossil fuels sector, who have spent the last four decades burying urgent reports and greasing up both sides of Australian politics.

Morrison said yesterday he “took issue” with the suggestion by Greg Mullins and the 23 other fire and rescue experts that have spent their entire lives fighting and preventing fires.

Morrison went on to openly argues – that in his opinion – as a former marketing executive – there is no direct link between Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and the severity of fires ravaging the continent, even suggesting Australia could increase its emissions without making the current fire season worse. Which is kind of a weird thing to say when you’ve got a group of 24 fire chiefs telling that you are wrong and that climate change is the issue, and you’ve got 99% of the world’s scientists tell you that Australia is not only contributing 1.5% of emissions at point of emission, but also roughly 30-40% with the dirty coal we keep exporting to India with fuck all royalties and fuck all tax being paid by the multinational Hutt-like coal barons.

Australia’s response to climate change has been ranked one of the worst in the G20, with rising greenhouse gas emissions since the Abbott government abolished the carbon price in 2014.


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