Everyone in Brisbane reportedly slept very well as severe storms left 130,000 south-east homes in darkness last night.

At the height of the storm, more than 500 powerlines were brought down in high winds and 265,000 lightning strikes were recorded, with more storms expected today.

However, in the Queensland South-East Corner, residents who aren’t yet flooding are praising the downfall on their corrugated iron rooftops – a nostalgic Queensland pastime likened to the most powerful sleeping tablets.

In fact, the pitter-patter of ran on tin is reportedly even more effective than muscle relaxants and opiates, according to a new study by the QUIPs (Queensland United Interests of Pharmacists).

“What we have found is the relaxing splashy white noise of ran on corrugated iron Queenslanders is the key reason that Australians north of the tweed are more relaxed and spending far less on prescription medicine” said lead researcher Victor Teo.

“It’s much better for you too – and the kids love it”

“Best enjoyed with a cup of joe and a nice book, I reckon”

More than 45,000 homes are still without power and Logan City remains the worst affected with more than 36,000 households and businesses still impacted from last night’s recording breaking thunderstorms.


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