Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan has unveiled a $43m package to help businesses and charities affected by the snap 5-day lockdown last week.

The temporary restrictions began on Sunday evening, after a security guard at the Four Points Sheraton quarantine hotel tested positive to the virulent UK strain of the virus.

In a prime example of Murphy’s Law, it appears the quarantine security guard wasn’t making enough money on the frontline of eliminating the spread of this virus – and had also been driving Uber on the side.

However, with luck on their side, the metropolitan suburbs of Perth did not record another case of the virus – even amongst the poor bloke’s housemates.

While the city is celebrating the fact that they avoided ‘Melbourning’ themselves, restrictions will continue in the urban localities of Perth and Peel until February 14

Masks are still mandatory in all public places – and only essential travel will be permitted in and out of the Perth and Peel regions under the loosened restrictions.

However, after considering community feedback, WA Premier Mark McGowan has decided to show some compassion to those in bushfire affected areas – and has reclassified ‘fleeing for your lives as your homes and livelihoods burn to the ground’ as essential travel.

“Starting from Monday, anyone who is about to be swallowed up by a fiery inferno of out-of-control bushfires, will be allowed to leave the house” said the Premier today.

McGowan said he knows that it’s a difficult time for Perth residents facing both bushfires and a lockdown at the same time, but it is very important that they stay at home until the very last minute.

“However, this evacuation is limited to a five kilometres radius”

“If the bushfire continues towards you, we will reassess if another five kilometre evacuation is necessary”

“And so on and so forth.”

“But please don’t take advantage of this privilege. I want to see everyone wearing masks”



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