The one woman who is murdered by her current or former partner each week in Australia of lying, as she calls for multi-million dollar review into the Family Law system, which she claims ‘favours women’.

Hanson has accused some women of “making up” allegations about domestic violence and slammed them as “nothing but liars” just hours after being appointed to a review by a Prime Minister who is desperate to steer the news cycle away from the Chinese Spy currently posing as a Liberal backbencher.

Senator Hanson, who has previously stated that more men die from suicide after family breakdown than the number of women murdered by ex-husbands, has surprised many critics and colleagues by championing Australia’s disgruntled estranged fathers.

Mainly, due to the fact that she’s endured two broken marriages herself, and often breaks into tears when blaming her political woes on all of the degenerate men she has allowed to take advantage of her.

However, the One Nation leader has revealed that her own personal experience of seeing her two sons battling ex-spouses in the Family Court, and the hundreds of letters that are written to her by men accused of domestic violence who think they’ve done nuffin wrong, has inspired her to call for a major review of the system –because she doesn’t trust the judgement of anyone who has spent 30 years studying and practicing family law before becoming a judge.

Hanson says she’s so skeptical of the 60% of all family court matters that are found to be involving domestic violence, she’s willing to bet most are made up. Just like the one woman in Australia each week who is murdered by a partner.

“I don’t trust the one woman per week who claims to be murdered by a former or current partner” says Hanson.

“I think she’s got an agenda”

Earlier, in an interview conducted before Senator Hanson’s controversial remarks, the Prime Minister said the proposed inquiry was not about suggesting either men or women were getting a dud deal.

However, Pauline Hanson has since indicated it is indeed about picking sides, especially given the current custody battles involving her sons, who we can only presume are really good blokes with absolutely no interpersonal issues.

More to come.


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