New South Wales voters are today shocked by the new and improved state election processes, brought to you by Star Casino.

This comes as the polls in the New South Wales election are officially open as the leaders of the major parties crank up the dial on the dying hours of their campaign.

Polls opened at 8:00am on Saturday morning with both Gladys Berejiklian and Labor leader Michael Daley casting their votes early.

Berejiklian is fighting for her legacy, in hoping to at least legitimise her time as Premier by being democratically elected at least once. Before continuing her rampant privatisation and overdevelopment of the now dystopian police state.

Labor leader Michael Daley is campaigning on the single-issue of not renovating stadiums, after being told by his developer and corporate donor overlords that they would prefer he not touch anything else. While also hoping people forget his racist vitriol about Asians last year before his predecessor got dismissed for sexual assault.

However, it seems that a change of government would come too late for the poor old electoral commission, after it became clear that Gladys has already sold off the government agency to the Star Entertainment group.

The Premier said it would be a “close race” and there was “a lot at stake” – but implored all residents to visit their closest gaming lounge or casino to cast a vote, and possibly have a bit of punt


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