NSW Labor say they are not ruling out hiring a highly-educated young Asian person to fill the role of party leader over the next four years, after a shocking defeat in the weekend’s state election.

This comes as Michael Daley announced that he will be standing aside as the state’s Opposition Leader until the upcoming federal election is over, calling it “the right and proper thing to do” – after managing to Hillary Clinton an open lay up on Saturday.

Mr Daley said he would recontest the leadership, but as he pointed out months ago, mediocre white people from Sydney don’t stand a chance for employment when put up against more competent Asians with PHDs.

NSW Labor President Mick Lemon says it will be a hard task to orchestrate, but they do have Jihad Dib in the seat of Lakemba, who is a highly educated MP of Lebanese background, which technically makes him West Asian.

“We’ve probably gotta stop just giving jobs to people that look like they deserve it because they have silver hair and look like a politician”

“The unconscious bias really didn’t help us over the weekend, especially when pitted up against the oldest daughter of an Armeninan migrant family from the West. We didn’t really have the underdog story on our side”

“Also, we probably shouldn’t have kept Luke Foley in the job until 6 months out, considering all of his baggage that everyone kind of knew about”

“Also we probably could have campaigned on a bit more than simply not building stadiums”

“Also we probably could have made a trip out to Menindeee”

“Also we probably could have addressed the embarrassing state of Sydney’s nightlife and the perverted overdevelopment of South Sydney”

“Also, we probably could have picked a leader who didn’t have to depend on being racist to rile up rural voters”

Earlier on Monday, the party confirmed it wanted to wait until after the federal election to hold a ballot to decide who would lead it at state level.

Labor’s deputy leader Penny Sharpe will act as the interim leader until the ballot is conducted, where she will most likely be replaced by a high achieving Taiwanese or Singaporean student


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