Local NRL star Jaylon Mankercroft (23) has today kicked into gear, as the week-long post-season celebrations continue in some Meriton apartment in inner-city Brisbane.

After a draining season of quarantine bubbles and blow-out scorelines, the rising Queensland Origin prospect is taking the opportunity to overindulge in a bit of old fashioned partying.

However, while the severe binge drinking and fancy dress-ups is the type of fun that the boys can enjoy for the best part of a week, Jaylon isn’t quite ready with taking his partying to the next level.

That is, he’s not sure if he’s willing to potentially jeopardise his career, not at the moment.

With his other teammates making ‘trips to the bathroom’ and engaging in over-the-top horseplay – the young footy star knows that he can partake in whatever kind of illegal activity he wants, and there’s no judgement here.

But, without a complete stranger in the corner of the room documenting everything on social media, Jaylon says it doesn’t feel like the right time to be breaking the law.

As the afternoon wears on, and the music gets worse and worse – the big fella is running out of steam.

It’s the type of fatigue that can only be combated by an exhilarating police chase, or a bag of mysterious white powder. Or a fist fight with members of the public.

Thankfully for his team mates, this slump in energy doesn’t last long. He finds his second wind, and the bender continues.

After a seeing one of the random mate of-a-mates sitting on the couch, Jaylon begins to feel comfortable with his surroundings

When this stranger whips out his phone and starts video recording everything that’s happening, the boys are finally at ease.

Jaylon takes his cue and rolls up a fifty dollar note.

“Oi watch this” he says, directly to the Instagram live video being recorded across the table.


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