A direct beneficiary of the post-war generation’s hysterical wealth-hoarding has today taken to social media to blame that same ‘selfish’ demographic for everything that is wrong in the world.

Bessie Marque (27) is of the belief that the direct cause of our government’s rapid shift to fundamental Christian reaganism is white middle class Australians born between 1946 and 1964 – and their devout protection of self-interests.

Without delving too much into the Liberal Party’s treasured tax loopholes of franking credits and negative gearing that have served her family so well over the years, Bessie is more concerned by the ‘bigger picture’ political issues like identity politics and renewable energy, while also completely swerving social policy relating to class, race and welfare.

She says Australia has no hope of achieving her pho-soup-utopia of political correct friendliness until this particular demographic of silver-haired retirees are either banned from voting or forced into poverty by a millennial uprising.

As someone who was born into a financial safety net strung up by her parents that most definitely fit the mould of right-wing baby boomers, Bessie is unaware of the how protective anyone who has achieved middle class status in their lifetime can become when their realised wealth is on the line.

From her perspective, it looks a lot like a bunch of spoilt old losers wanting to destroy the planet and housing market just so that they can die rich.

This is an interesting take for someone who has not had to pay rent once in her lifetime, due to her own parents’ diverse inner-city property portfolio – as a star boarder in a negatively geared terrace house.

But as Bessie points out ‘the property market issue’ is not our number one concern right now, because the chauvinistic microaggressions of talkback radio hosts who normalise Scott Morrison’s devout religious beliefs are far more worrying than the accelerated incineration of affordable housing for the working class.

Heading into the 2022 Federal Election, Bessie and her politically-activated part-time Uni student comrades remain committed in their efforts to overthrow the Coalition government.

They plan to do this by campaigning tirelessly on the streets – with the goal of transforming the safest Labor electorate in NSW into a marginal Greens seat.



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