From The Herald Sun to The Daily Telegraph to The Courier Mail, editors and board executives are today struggling with the task of having bring their resident pedophile apologist into line.

This comes as newsfeed across the country were met with this provocative clickbait headline yesterday afternoon: “Why Elderly Australian Men Keep Getting Jailed For Raping Young Boys?’

In yet another textbook example of Murdoch’s stable of ‘common sense’ social commentator actually being a collection of the weirdest cunts in Australia – Andrew Bolt has penned a new column that condemns society’s harsh treatment of men who have been accused of raping children.

Bolt has copped severe backlash on social media for the opinion piece, one of many similarly pedo-friendly op-eds the 61-year-old blueblooded Melbourne conservative has written since the government’s Royal Commission Into Child Sex Crimes In The Catholic Church.

It is now getting to the point where Andrew Bolt is starting to look a lot like a grown man who is living in fear of some kind of reckoning, as he works tirelessly to challenge the stigma around being accused of the horrific act of raping children.

While the suss cunt Bolt insist his op-ed focused on how Australian men are being wrongly convicted of child sex offences, only to have them overturned – the context and nuance was lost in his desire to shock with his clickbait headline, and subsequent synopsis that asks: ‘how many men must be unfairly jailed for raping young boys before we cool this hysteria’.

Today, in the NewsCorp headquarters, bosses are now drawing straws to decide who it will be that has to inform Andrew Bolt that the legal age for consensual sex varies across Australian state and territory jurisdictions is 16 years – and that to have sex with anyone younger than that is not only extremely illegal but also fucking despicable.

As someone who answers only to his beloved führer Rupert Murdoch and his Cardinal George Pell – it is not expected that Bolt will listen to his corporate advisors.

The convicted racist and professional contrarian will appear on NewsCorp’s free-to-air TV channel Sky News to reiterate this point, and will likely convince a few disillusioned boomer Labor voters into agreeing with his profound argument that child rape is not really something to get too worked up over.



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