The fall out continues in Canberra this week, as the list of people who knew about an alleged rape of a staffer in the Defence Minister’s office in 2019 grows steadily.

So far, Senator Reynolds, Senator Cash, Peter Dutton MP, the Prime Minister’s Chief Of Staff, the Prime Minister’s personal aide, and droves of pencil neck Young Liberal staffers were well aware of what happened, and did nothing.

The lack of support and cruel insensitivity shown towards the victim in the weeks and months after her alleged assault points to Parliament House’s rampant culture of workplace misogyny amongst the men, and internalised misogyny amongst the Karens.

A toxic environment that the Prime Minister claims he was completely unaware of.

As Australians grow used to the idea that there is next to no accountability for any of our Federal Politicians, unless they are an expendable female minister, the question remains: How the fuck can our Prime Minister claim that he only found out about this horrific crime when the media first reported it.

The nation is now struggling to comprehend how on earth we’ve gotten to this point where none of our elected officials have to answer for anything, only six years after a NSW Premier sacked himself for accidentally not declaring a bottle of wine as a gift.

The fact that such a malicious crime, that carries a penalty of up to 20 years, could take place within 100 metres from our Prime Minister’s desk – and no one thought to mention it to him for two years – is worrying to the voters.

As it means, either or Prime Minister is lying through his teeth, or is working alongside the most incompetent public servants to have ever been paid six figures to swan around Canberra.

Australians are today highlighting just how thankful they are that these some morons thought it appropriate to tell our Prime Minister about this global pandemic that seems to have killed millions of people around the world.

“Jeez. Lucky they gave him the heads up on that one” says Tony (45), a fitter and turner who drinks at the Lord Kidman Hotel in Betoota.

“Imagine if they kept that from him”

Another punter, Brenda (72, retired) says this whole Hawaii holiday is starting to make sense.

“I didn’t think he was that stupid to go on a tropical holiday during the worst bushfires in Australian history” she says.

“But it all adds up now”

“No one told him!”


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