Debates rage in the break room of Betoota’s premiere civil construction company this afternoon, as the office workers at BetBuilder Pty Ltd begin to reveal a little about themselves by declaring their favourite Tim Tams.

While all the boomer executives struggle to process the news that there are ‘other types’ of Tim Tams – which of course they won’t like anyway – local IT slob, Benny (37) has surprised no one by revealing that he’s a caramel centre kinda guy,

Manea, one of the company’s logistics managers, says she’s always been double coat enthusiast, stating that while she loves the original – the thicker biscuit gives her more of just that.

Elsewhere, the childish palettes of the Gen-Z staff are also predictable – with Delilah (23) revealing that she’s a sucker for white chocolate.

With almost every staple flavour rattled off, and a couple of other shout outs for the brief novelty flavours like ‘Chilli’ and ‘butterscotch’ – no one seems to have mentioned one of the first alternative style of Tim Tam.


That was until Greggy the engineer walked in.

If making everyone call you ‘Greggy’ instead of Greg wasn’t creepy enough, the late 20s megabrain has today firmly nailed his flag to the dark chocolate style of Tim Tams.

“Nah Dark Chocolate Tim Tams are the best” says Greggy, sending chills down the spines of his colleagues – who can now validate the gut feelings they’ve had about the engineer’s possibly depraved sex life.


“It’s so good haha. Way better than normal”


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