The Queensland Police Force’s Riot and Public Order Squadron were put on stand by last night, following the news that the NRL’s favourite bromance between Cameron Munster and Brandon Smith had reignited last night.

Following a nail-biter finish by the Queensland Maroons in last night’s game III decider, Cameron Munster immediately called his Melbourne Storm teammate with plans to link up.

It is believed The Cheese has not stopped bending since the two of them were on the piss at Twin Waters together, as the last two standing in the post-Premiership celebrations.

However, as Munster made it clear at 10pm last night, there’s still a lot more partying to do.

After missing all of Game II due to a head knock suffered in the first play, Munster was instrumental in leading the Maroons to a shock upset in Wednesday night’s decider against the Blues.

Minutes after receiving the Wally Lewis Medal for the State of Origin player of the series, Munster was on the phone to his Kiwi compadre.

“Hello” Cheese answered.

“I’ve been expecting this”

Munster took a deep breath.

“I’m back to where I left ya”

“Meet me in the Valley”

“The show goes on bra”

Cheese immediately packed a sports bag of 12 x Guava Cruisers and applied his beloved Joop cologne, before ordering a cab from his hotel in New Farm, where he had been awaiting the call up from his Rockhampton Darling.

“Valley Maccas thanks Cuzzo” he told the driver, with a tear welling in his eye.

“I’m off to see my boy”



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