As Australia’s staggering youth make their way back to the daily grind after a brief and muddy respite, some are wondering if this is what we deserved.

After heavy rain, cancellations, and what one witty individual described as ‘mud up to my gooch’, Splendour In The Grass 2022 concluded in the Byron Bay Parklands on Sunday night.

Usually considered a rather muddy affair, 2022 has been noted for being particularly muddy due to massive rainfall and the flooding that has plagued the region all year.

Yet some are saying it was little more than a day of reckoning, suggesting that this muddy festival was just karmic justice for how Aussies laughed at the heatwave in the UK.

“It serves us right for laughing at them for experiencing summer,” stated festival attendee Gemma Grayson, who estimates she is still 10 to 15% mud at the time of writing.

“Meanwhile, I am sure the British would have looked around on day two and have thought it was a ripping summer’s day and rolled out a few picnic blankets.”

Other forms of British payback include UK act the Gorillaz having their set cancelled and English rapper Aitch forcing the crowd to sing Manchester United chants.

“It was still so much fun though. I’m taking a little bit of Splendour home with me. We are all, it is caked to the bottom of our fucking boots.”



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