Local motorist Ross Mince (55, school sports coordinator) woke up at the crack of dawn this morning to catch the last of that sweet, sweet Frydenberg fuel excise.

This comes as fuel prices are set to increase today, after the tax cut made by the previous government six months ago to get them through an election they lost anyway, finally comes to end.

Fuel excise was halved in Australia to ease cost-of-living pressures, but the new government said it had no choice but to return it to its normal rate – after losing close to $7b dollars in revenue.

From today, the price of fuel is set to increase gradually. This is contrary to what everyone was fearing that the per litre price would jump astronomically the moment this temporary discount ended at midnight.

Big Ross says he wasn’t one of those idiots who lined up all of yesterday to get the last tank of excise fuel.

“It was never going to just spike” he says.

“I wasn’t gonna spend 12 hours yesterday like it’s the end of the world”

However, as Ross points out, you can’t ignore the fact that the prices are inevitably going up – you know with the tanking British dollar and the war in Yugoslavia or whatever is happening over there.

“I also didn’t wanna give them a chance to hike it up before I got my fill” he said.

“That’s why I waited a day. Only had to queue for a couple hours this morning too”

Unfortunately, with fuel still relatively low, but also noticeable more dear than it was yesterday – Ross didn’t end up saving too much after all.

In fact, when you take into account the ‘gruen transfer’ – the big unit has broken completely even.

“Those Balsamic chippies get me every time” he says, through a painful mouth of heavily salted ulcers.

“Even at 7:30 in the morning, I can’t walk past them”

“Then this baaastttarrrd hit me with the 2fa. It feels like good value, but it really isn’t. I don’t need two packets of the shit. But damn it’s good”

“That was it. Waited 2 hours before work only to get bowled out at point of sale”


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