32-year-old Betoota Height’s mother of two, Gwen Grey, might not know much about how the electoral preference voting system works, but that doesn’t mean she’s not aware of her democratic rights.

Gwen, like thousands of other ‘awake’ Australians who have ditched mainstream media for Youtube, is very well schooled on the ins and outs of the 1948 Charter Of Human Rights.

That’s why she refuses to wear a mask in public.

Even though her decision may result in her not being allowed to enter private buildings or being using public transport, Gwen simply refuses because bus drivers and security guards are not authorised to ask her or question her about it, she says.

According to Gwen, her battle against the brainwashed masked oppressors is a bang-on equivalent to the American civil rights movements of yesteryear.

Because she actually doesn’t have to wear a mask and no one is authorised by the Australian Government to even question her about it.

And if they do, she can have them sued personally for discriminating against her as a woman.

Today, as she catches a bus into town to mix with thousands of people in the CBD, Gwen wears a bare face with pride.

The bus driver offers little resistance after she drops the 1948 Charter Of Human Rights on him, and the fellow commuters keep their distance.

She knows what they want, they want her to stand up and get off the bus.

But she won’t because, like Rosa Parks, history will state that it was Gwen from Betoota Heights who sat so that we could march.


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