A local logistics manager for Xerox has today vowed to never again buy any of Gillette’s shaving razors, vowing to continue growing out his wispy neckbeard.

Kip Indaws (41) says he is sick of big left-wing companies and their “virtue signalling” by adhering to the radical feminist theories that men are somehow responsible for the alarming amount of assaults, rapes and murders perpetrating by men, against women, right around the world.

This follows a new short-film-ad by razor company Gillette, which has called for men to be the best they can be, sparking a significant backlash by men that already think they are the best they can be – and in fact, better than any other genders.

The ad, which was posted on Monday morning, starts with voices that sound like newsreaders saying “bullying, the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment, toxic masculinity” and asks: “Is this the best a man can get?”

It has already received 300,000 dislikes on Youtube as droves of men like Kip begin to react to the suggestion that woman have it harder than men. And that any bullying or harassment he experienced during his turbulent high school years came at the hands of more masculine men.

“Toxic masculinity is a myth” says Kip, with an inconvenient testicle pop.

“When I got bullied at high school, I didn’t blame the men doing it. I blamed my mum for kissing me on the cheek at school pick up”

Kip says the idea that men are responsible for majority of violent crime is also wrong. And somehow angles the conversation to how men are victims of women sometimes hitting them, even if they are not really hurting them.

“Toxic femininity, however, is very real. They bitch about each other so much.

“Men just sort it out like real men. And be men about it.”

“I have never treated a woman with disrespect, in person” he says.

“That’s it, I’m never buying another Gillette product ever again. Beards are back in anyway”


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