A picturesque wedding in the function room of The Betoota Flight Path District’s Orthodox Church has been soured today, after a maid-of-honour actively tried to jeopardise the reception.

The marriage of Gabe Kapiris and Lisa Comino was reportedly off to a great start, before the speeches began.

The ceremony unfolded without a hitch, according to the photos shared through the epic wedding hashtag of #GabeSetMatch.

The carefully chosen indoor venue was also weather-proof, eliminating any chances of mother nature dampening the moment

With tens of thousands of dollars spent on flowers by both of the highly competitive ethnic dads, it was going to be hard to undermine this extravagant and highly-instagrammable special day.

But the maid-of-honour, Jessie Pyrmont, managed to do just that.

During her 23-minute speech, Jessie failed to once mention that Lisa was her ‘ride or die’.

As is commonly acknowledged in Western Culture, it is mandatory for the Maid-Of-Honour to refer to the bride as her ride or die, or else risk severing their bond and ruining the entire event.

While many of the guests thought she was going to finish with it, Jessie just coasted through a few stories about high school and finished with a toast, to her ‘best friend and confidante’.

Jessie’s noticeable lack of any ‘ride or dies’ almost instantly became a talking point as soon as she had wrapped up the speech.

When it became clear she wasn’t coming back up to the lectern to make any forgotten mentions, the bride’s mother broke into tears, scolding herself for allowing her daughter such an untraditional inclusion of a bridesmaid speech in the day’s proceedings.

The police arrived almost immediately after the brother of the bride called triple zero – the Maid Of Honour was then forcefully escorted from the venue and told to never contact Lisa again.

At time of press, both families were researching how to arrange an annulment, with plans to do it all again next week without Jessie in the bridal party.


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