As the end of the financial year looms closer and closer, one local health and fitness professional is starting to wonder if there is anything he should be worried about.

Despite being ‘basically self-employed’ since he received his Cert III in personal training from West Betoota TAFE in 2006, Jye Clements (33) is still unsure what this whole tax return thing is.

Jye’s lack of personal administration skills actually comes as a shock to those who know him well, considering the fact that he seems to be quite an expert on self-care.

Whether he’s offering tips on diet and fitness, relationship advice, or a full blown medical opinion – Jye seems to know everything there is to know about everything.

Which is why it is so hard for him to ask for help when it comes to the 12 years he hasn’t paid income tax.

Jye, who has in the past asked clients to directly transfer money to his personal bank account, is now tasked with finding out who, outside of his girlfriend and immediate social circle of personal trainers, can help him with this issue.

He decides on Kylie, his regular Monday 6:30 AM.

“You’re a bank teller right?” Jye discreetly asks Kylie during a weights exercise this morning.

“Yeah, why’s that?” says Kylie.

“Just wondering if you know anyone who can return my tax” says Jye.

Kylie takes a minute to process that last comment.

“Jye, have you never paid tax before?” she asks.

“I’ve been coming here for years? Do you work for the gym or yourself?”

“You should probably talk to an accountant, I’ve always wondered why you asked to be paid directly into your personal bank account”

Jye, who can now see he’s exposed a chink in the armour that shields his all-knowing health freak persona, laughs it off.

“Hahaha!” he says.

“I was kidding. But, yeah, must be a busy time of the year for you [haha]”

“Oi watch your form”


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