Local Betoota Grove woman, Meredith Markson (58) is making a big change today.

Say farewell to the transition lenses, because this local mum has entered her red-frame glasses phase with a clean snap today.

While this simple pivot in her choice of fashion accessories may seem like nothing, experts say that the red-framed glasses are one of the most defining moments in the life of an Australian woman.

“It’s not just a new pair of glasses” says Professor Zali Caro, head of Mum Studies at the University of Western Queensland’s Betoota Campus.

“What we have found is the red-frame glasses signify big changes in local mums”

“both spiritually, psychologically, politically and physically”

Within minutes of leaving her local optometrist, Meredith had already bought tickets to an upcoming Tim Minchin show at Betoota’s Afghan Playhouse in the Old City District.

Witnesses say that it was almost like a scene from I Dream Of Jeannie, as the different layers of Meredith’s new aesthetic began to mount up one by one.

The asymmetric new hairstyle was first, followed closely by the Birkenstock sandals and cashmere shawl.

By the time she had gotten home, she had already registered her first GetUp account and was already signing up as a volunteer for the local environmentally-minded Independent political candidate, in her first ever dabble away from the major parties.

At time of press, Meredith was gathering the whole house together to watch her favourite episodes of Micallef Mad As Hell.


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