The annual Met Gala took place over the weekend at the famed Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume, featuring A-list celebrities wearing outfits by A-List designers.

The theme for the evening was “Camp: Notes on Fashion” – which was reportedly inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay, in which she describes it as something that shouldn’t be talked about.

However, as was expected, the layered and subjective theme was lost on people like the Kardashians and the countless bashful male guests who all opted to dress the same way they would even they ever got invited to The Oscars.

One couple, however, appeared to take the theme quite literally.

Liam Hemsworth and wife Miley Cyrus arrived at the museum looking like they were ready to spend a fortnight at Iluka with the cousins.

Cyrus, admittedly, did show off a bit of flair with a green and black sequenced cocktail dress – but didn’t look nearly as camp as she did a couple years ago when she was licking sledgehammers and wearing a leotard everywhere.

Hemsworth was seen wearing the type of all-black suit you see your stepbrother’s mate wearing on Facebook before a court date.

However, it was their accessories that stole the show – after it became clear that Hemsworth had actually misinterpreted the theme as ‘camping’ and arrived at the Gala with a 2007 Hilux Tourer, complete with an electronic throttle controller and an intake snorkel.

“Be with you in a sec” Hemsworth told reporters, as he belted in the steel pegs for the roof tent into the red carpet.

“Miley, love, can you get the chairs out of the tray. Nearly done ‘ere”

Once they had finished setting up camp, Hemsworth turned back around to talk to the media.

“I’m rocking a TJM winch roo-bar on the Lux with a pair of Hella 4000 spotties” he told confused Vanity Fair reporters.

“I’ll give you a tour if you like. I prefer to run 12V gear. Come have a look”

“There’s a console fridge kit and a 40-litre Waeco fridge. We’ve got roof rack mounted LED camp lights, LED reverse lights and a 20″ Ironman 4X4 light bar. Good way to make enemies in the campsite [haha]”

At time of press Hemsworth was seen giving Kanye West a tour of the set up, and struggling to explain the purpose of the roo-bar on Australian roads.


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