Justin Bieber has surprised the world this week with comments that suggest he’s not very interested in self preservation.

The 25-year-old Canadian-American has publicly revealed how little he knows about the career of Hollywood action star Tom Cruise, known for almost one hundred different movies involving zip lines and martial arts.

This comes as Justin Bieber took to Twitter on Sunday to challenge Tom Cruise to a fight in “the octagon” and appeared to try to provoke the actor, saying if he did not accept he would “never live it down.”

According to arguably exaggerated online records, Tom Cruise currently stands at 5ft 7in and weighs 77 kilograms, making him roughly 11 kilos heavier than Bieber.

On top of this, he’s also 31 years older than him.

However, despite the enormous age gap, very few people are backing the younger fighter, given the fact that Tom Cruise has bashed upwards 1000 people on camera over the last few decades.

Biebers tweet went viral and fighter Conor McGregor announced that his company would host the fight.

McGregor also appeared to take a shot at Cruise and said the fight would only go on if he’s “man enough to accept this challenge” – also proving that he too hasn’t seen any of the Mission Impossible movies or even Top Gun for that matter.

Tom Cruise is yet to respond to the challenge properly, but it’s likely due to the fact that he already knows who the winner of this fight would be – due to a rare skillset that was highlighted in 2002’s Minority Report.


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