Following the news that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will deliver a national apology to victims of institutional child sexual abuse on October 22 this year, state governments are already planning their distribution of compensation to the thousands of historical abuse survivors around the country.

The victims of child abuse in Australia’s religious and state institution are looking to get just one quarter of a state senator’s salary in exchange for the horrific things that happened to them at the hands of the cowardly criminals who were entrusted with their welfare.

While the redress scheme is looking towards paying out maximum compensation amounts less than recommended by the Royal Commission, Federal and state governments say it’s better than nothing, and have agreed that the average payment would be over $60,000 before tax.

Speaking to reporters from the exercise yards of Betoota’s Low Security Correctional Facility today, one local abuse survivor says he’s already eyeing off a brand spanking new Honda Jazz VTi-L, to make up for a lifetime of trauma and pain that comes with having your childhood destroyed by grown men who were protected by their superiors for an entire lifetime.

“These things come in at around $30k drive-away, I’ve always wanted to drive a new car, except I’ve never had the chance to”

“Mainly because I’ve struggled to keep a job and avoid a life of crime, you know with all the personal issues I now suffer from because of the abuse I suffered by people I trusted” he says.

“I could blow out and buy a Honda Accord, but then I’d have nothing left over”

“At least with a Jazz I’ll be able to pay tax and have a little left over for the ongoing costs associated with a life that has been ruined by state and church sponsored predators”

Mr Turnbull confirmed Western Australia was also joining the national redress scheme for victims of abuse, the last of the states and territories to sign on. A national redress scheme to compensate victims will start on July 1, with 93 per cent of victims are estimated to be covered by the scheme.


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