Forget the coach whisperer!

The Blues are going back to the drawing board for Origin Game II and delivering a New South Wales squad that reminds their fans of the good old days.

Back when they were pinballing through coaches and solely depending on the newest star talent who only left school a few years ago.

The glory years of Origin, back when a win in the first match of the series was as good as it got!

First there was Jarryd Hayne, who was supposed to be their great yellow and blue hope. Then there was Mitchell Pearce, who probably did his best considering the team he had around him.

Then there was Latrell Mitchell, a centre, who is also 21.

However, after a second-half loss to Queensland in Game one, the Blues aren’t taking any more chances.

According to anonymous sources close to the coaching staff, of which there are plenty, because everyone is going to the media with every little grievance they have – the Blues are going to be giving us some of that late 2000s magic this Sunday.

“It’s all about changing the team erratically and blaming our most promising players when it doesn’t work” said one source.

“Also, it’s good to embarrass our management and staff by forcing Queensland players come out and defend us from our own during press conferences”

NSW rugby league figures and media commentators are also back to their best work this week, with Gus Gould saying whatever comes out of his mouth in an attempt to remain relevant since sacking himself from the least successful club in the competition this year.


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