As the wave of inner-city climate-focused Independents continue to grow momentum with unprecedented numbers of grassroots volunteers, the Morrison Government are now under attack from all angles.

With Labor making a move on their conservative working class electorates with promises of cheaper medicine and aged care reform, there is also a bleeding out of votes from their more moderate urban seats.

This unexpected dark horse of Independents has dramatically changed the course of the 2022 Federal Election campaign, and resulted in some hysterical damage control from the government’s propaganda arm of NewsCorp newspapers.

Unfortunately, the government is only now learning that the voters in their rapidly weakening blue ribbon seats don’t actually read the Daily Telegraph or Herald Sun, especially after Rupert Murdoch’s unashamed support of Cardinal Pell.

After realising that this particular voter block cannot be brainwashed out of caring about the environment or political corruption, the government has had to quickly change their messaging around Indepedents.

Their initial warnings that a vote for a teal independent was a vote for Labor have also lost steam over the last fortnight, as the challenging candidates make it clear that they would be willing to support a Liberal Government that removed Morrison as leader and immediately installed a Federal ICAC.

However, it seems a Coalition government that is accountable for their legislation would be just as bad as a Labor government – according to the countless Coalition MPs that would probably be sent to prison if their actions were put under a microscope.

With six crossbenchers already taking up seats in parliament, and 15 new independent candidates targeting moderate Liberals in once safe seats, both the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have begun frantically urging voters to stick with them, or risk ‘a hung parliament’.

Both Joyce and Morrison, as well as about 62 Murdoch journalists have spent this week attempting to drum up fear and panic over the ‘chaos’ that would ensue if non-Liberal politicians were elected to represent their constituents on a local level – forcing the government to cut deals that benefit the interests of Indepedent MPs.

“This will cause chaos and instability” shouted Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce, who is the second most powerful man in the country because he is the leader of a party with 12 MPs that the Liberals have had to align with to form government.

“You don’t want a parliament made up on Indepedents that have your best interests at heart”

“What you want is a government made up of a coalition between the toothless Liberals, and the pitbull rural climate change denying Nationals”

“Oh, and also the LNP, which is kind of a seperate party in Queensland, which is a combination of the two, but more conservative than both of us combined”

“Oh and yeah, that nutcase Craig Kelly. He left the Liberals because he thought COVID-19 was fake, but he’s promised to support every bill that we put forward.

“So yeah, don’t vote independent. Vote for a strong government and a stronger economy. A strong Nats, Liberals, LNP and Craig Kelly Coaliton government!”


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