In yet another chink in the Prime Minister’s armour, controversial backbencher Craig Kelly has quit the Liberal Party.

It has been confirmed that the Member For Hughes, who holds the electorate that borders Morrison’s, handed his letter of resignation to Prime Minister’s Office during today’s party room meeting.

He said he would sit on the crossbench but will continue to provide supply for the government — meaning he will vote with the government on bills or legislation related to the budget.

So he’s basically still a member of the coalition, except for the fact that Morrison can’t call him into his office to dress him down any more, and is now free to explore whatever YouTube rabbitholes he wants.

He also said he would vote with the government on all policies that were taken to the last election, except for obviously any policies that conflict with his hardcore medical skepticism.

Mr Kelly was recently criticised by the Prime Minister for pushing alternative therapies for COVID-19 and for spreading misinformation about vaccines on social media.

He said he did not want to be a distraction to the government and did not want Mr Morrison to have to keep answering questions about things he posted, instead of the messages he wanted to get across.

Instead he’s starting his own party, one that can better serve the people of his electorate, while also exploring the wild world of unproven medical theories.

The party is currently being registered under the working title of Craig Kelly’s Failed Furniture Salesman Anti-Vaxxer Climate Change Denier Who Used To Play Tighthead For 2nd Grade Southern Districts Rugby Party.

It will be refered to as Craig Kelly’s FFSAVCCDWUTPTFSGSDR for short.

The move means the government will now have a one-seat majority in the House of Representatives.

A terrifying prospect for a Prime Minister that is very close to seeing the resignation of every Female MP in his party.


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