The first 48 hours of the Prime Minister’s post-Quarantine trip to Queensland does not appear to have gone as planned.

Just five days into the official campaign to ‘promote the budget’, Scott Morrison has already made a visit to a marginal LNP electorate with the state LNP leader, whose name he doesn’t seem to be able to remember

By far, the LNP’s biggest promise to Queensland voters is a mammoth $33 billion, 15-year plan to expand the Bruce Highway, which he says would be easy for him to help fund, if you know, Labor weren’t in power after this election at the end of the month.

The Prime Minister says he would work better with LNP leader Deb Frecklington as premier, but stopped short of guaranteeing funding for the LNP’s signature policy, but you know, if she was in power, he’d be more inclined to, ya know?

“The thing is” Morrison told the bosses of the Currumbin factory workers, and the media he had invited to their factory.

“The current Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, is from Labor. I’m sure all of you know that”

“And, as you would know my strongest political skills come from the whole Labor vs Liberal thing. And in Queensland it’s the LNP which is more closely aligned to me, and Labor is the enemy haha”

“So ideally, for me, it would be better for me, if like, the leader of Queensland wasn’t Labor, because then it makes it look like Labor is doing well in Queensland. And like, I don’t want Labor or the Katters to team up, because like, I mean.. You know what I’m trying to say”

“I want the other bird in charge. That way I will do more for Queensland. So bloody vote for her! haha”

Morrison then trailed off before the arrival of the LNP leader, who like the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, is also a woman.

“Haha! There she is!” says the PM.

“Speak of the Devil in Prada!”

“We were just talking about how I’m not up here for the campaign. I just spent two weeks in quarantine in Canberra so that I could fly up here and promote the Federal budget I dropped a week ago”

“Anyway, speaking of the campaign….”

It then became clear that Morrison had completely forgotten the name of the Queensland LNP leader Deb Frecklington.

“How’s the campaign going anyway…. Love?”

Morrisons staffers immediately snapped into damage control mode, demanding the journalists, all of whom worked for NewsCorp, turn off their cameras and microphones for a few minutes while they could brief him on the opposition leader’s name.

“Love the new hair, darl” said Morrison, nodding to Frecklington’s hair, which appeared to have been recently straightened.

At time of press, Morrison was on Queensland talkback radio telling voters that if Labor get into power again they will turn everyone’s kids gay and then tax their inheritances.



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