Bondi’s Icebergs played host to Sydney’s new power couple today, as Hot Mess Gladys Berejiklian hit the pool deck with this new guy she’s been kind of seeing.

After a big week of intrusive headlines, the NSW Premier has finally found some semblance of control over her life, which has been a whirlwind ever since she was dragged into an ICAC corruption inquiry by her deadshit ex, disgraced former politician Daryl Maguire MP.

On Tuesday, it was reported that her boy troubles had been topped off by a spilt berry smoothie inside her Suzuki Swift.

By Wednesday, she had maxxed out her credit card on PE Nation Activewear and had impulsively signed up for a 12 month membership at Willoughby F45.

The chaos continued, the press cameras seemed to follow Hot Mess Gladys all week, which is why she has been carrying a selfie ring light with her to all pres conferences, so all of her haters get to see her in that good light.

There was also an erratic 3am peroxide job, which she quickly back-pedalled from last night, opting to go back to brunette.

However, today all the drama seemed to be simmering, as the NSW Premier lay in a sunchair in South Bondi, hand-in-hand with the hot Bra Boy she met at Ivy Pool Bar yesterday.

Her friends say that this new flame, former NRL star Reni Maitua, is just perfect for Gladys right now.

“He’s a good guy” said one unnamed girlfriend from out Ryde way.

“And plus he’s a Bra Boy, so I don’t think Daryl will want to keep making her life too hard.”

“Unless he wants a hiding”

“I just hope Reni doesn’t get his hopes up for something serious right now. She’s got a lot of stuff to work through”


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