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In breaking news, a bartender has helped some pissed patrons this weekend.

Miles Bandman (35) helpfully told the 3 drunk girls standing in front of him that he can’t give them tequila shots after 1 am but if they wanted he could do a round of neat tequilas.

This came as quite a shock to the girls who, like everyone else who’s tried to have fun after 1 am, were expecting a blanket no on the request.

“Omg, you’re the best! What’s your name?” Sylvia asked flirtatiously.

“Miles, I —” Sylvia had already tuned out, she was busy talking to the two girlfriends flanking her.

“Girls, omg, Miles, the big cutie is giving us a round of neat tequilas! Isn’t he the best bartender ever!”

Witnesses at the scene say that as soon as Miles placed the drinks on the bar, the girls all squealed and before cheersing their neat tequilas and shotting them.

This truly is an anomaly in the hospitality industry, with overly pretentious bar managers usually taking their RSA licenses way too seriously for the likes of most punters.

With the rest of country falling further into the grips of the conservative nanny state proponents, it’s good to see that renegade bar staff in Betoota are holding on to what’s left of Australia’s larrikin identity.

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