A local resident has this week claimed that the ABC have continuously rejected his applications for HARD QUIZ.

Hosted by Gold Logie winner, Tom Gleeson, each episode of Hard Quiz features four everyday Australian contestants, each of whom selects an expert topic that they know inside out.

Throughout 9 seasons, Hard Quiz has shone a light onto suburban Australia and showcased the very peculiar characters that we live alongside.

While the ‘rail enthusiasts’ and ‘stamp collectors’ are expected, it’s the people that work in IT but are experts on Christmas Beetles that really expose how weird we are as a people.

As well as the elderly grandmas who select Star Trek as their expert topics, or the broken English migrants who know every single song John Farnham has ever recorded. Hard Quiz has proven that a lot of Australians know a lot of stuff about things they have no business knowing anything about.

Even weirder is the questions that Gleeson manages to surprise them with about their expert subjects. Some are able to prove themselves to be absolute savants, others leave the show with their tail between their legs.

However, one one die-hard viewer and aspiring contestant claims that he would absolutely wipe the floor if the ABC’s producers would ever accept his application.

Kayden Mungo (56), a licensed roo shooter who lives seasonally in a tin roof shack with one TV channel (ABC2) on the outskirts of Betoota Downs, says he’s applied to take on Tom Gleeson seven times.

“They can’t handle my breadth of knowledge” says Kayden.

“Gleeson wouldn’t know what’s hit him”

When asked what his expert topic would be, Kayden says he’s mulled it over, and he could very well steal the show simply answering questions about John Howard’s bullshit National Firearm Agreement on 1996, or he could be quizzed on the symptoms and long-terms risks of both oxoplasmosis and salmonellosis – two bacterial infections that are currently ravaging Australia’s kangaroo population.

But as he points out, choosing a topic associated with your line of work is for wusses. It needs to be a hobby or general interest.

“For me, it’s definitely Picture Magazine’s home girl of the month catalogue.”

“The amateur models that send in their own lingerie pics. I know every single one from 1994 to 2003”

“September ’98? Bang. CANDY!”

“July 2001. BANG. Shaundice”

“November. ’95? Well, technically it’s spelt La-ya but it’s pronounced Ladashya”


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