Pauline Hanson has today doubled down on her claims that Australia has a culture of mothers lying about domestic violence to get custody of their kids

The One Nation senator, who’s likely to be appointed deputy chair of a new family law inquiry, says she’s had thousands of letters from men who dindu nuffin claiming that their exes are making false domestic violence allegations to win custody battles.

While Hanson says she cannot provide evidence to back up her claims due to the secrecy that surrounds family law cases, she can point to other examples of women making stuff up to get what they want – citing her own political career.

“It started in the nineties when I told everyone that Aboriginal people eat their children” she said.

“And basically said that Asian people are responsible for all the crime that was committed in Australia at that time”

Hanson continued using herself as an example of how some women make stuff up to get the upper hand.

“Or what about the time I said on national television that the perpetrator of the Bourke Street car attack was an Islamic terrorist”

“And then of course there’s the time I said that Australians were constantly being dispossessed of their land because of the Mabo decision”

“But obviously the clanger is the time I said that the Port Arthur Massacre was an inside job by the coalition government who orchestrated the false flag killings of 32 innocent people, including children, in an effort to justify my hopes of securing $20 million in funding from controversial American gun lobbyists”

Hanson says that even using her as an example should be enough for Morrison to see that some women make stuff up.

“Just look at the shit I’ve pulled out of my arse over the years. It’s quite clear we need to overhaul the entire family courts system.


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