Local substitute teacher, Karen Alderley (61) has today wrongly identifed the class clown by glaring at a usually well behaved student.

Aside from not looking like she enjoys any aspect of her career in education, Karen also appears to prioritise most of the lesson around figuring out who she should hate most out of the students.

Today she has chosen Annabel Smith (15) in the Betoota Heights year 10 science class.

As the class takes their time to quiet down after lunch, the substitute teacher completely misses the mark – even after decades of experience in teaching high schoolers.

“What’s your name?” Mrs Alderly asks Annabel, with unleashing a bone-chilling death stare.

The entire class struggles to hide their sniggers, as the sub continues her authoritative flex towards one of the most shy and well-behaved students in the school.

Annabel, who hasn’t been yelled at since her dad was quitting cigarettes while she was potty-training, bursts into silent tears.

Mrs Alderly doesn’t flinch.

“Ya tears aren’t gonna save you now missy!” growls a furious Mrs Alderly.



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