A recent report by the government consumer agency, ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has found that drinking pub squash as both a non-alcoholic option or just a general day-to-day refreshment is a severely underrated option.

Speaking to the Betoota Advocate this morning, ACCC boss, Rod Sims says that consumers are forgetting just how good the fizzy drink actually is.

“Most people don’t realise that pub squash is just as good as they remember it from when they were a kid”

“But it’s not just about keeping off the grog. It’s actually a great cold drink option in general”

Sims says that with the rise of sweet, over-the-top craft beers, many people are forgetting that they can get the exact same thing out of 30% fruit juice, lemon/lime concentrate and carbonated water.

“Forget the fruity craft beer shit. Your hangovers are always worse after that”

“If you are chasing a sweet drink, go the squash”

“What you want out of a beer is a firm, bold and refreshing flavour that can last six or eight schooeys, like Betoota Bitter for example. Now thats a good beer. Understated but still exciting”

“Use the squash as a wedge if you want something sweet”

With craft beer sales nearly on par with the entire CUB distribution list, only time will tell if pub squash will return to its once dizzy heights on every soda tap around the country.


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