New allegations surrounding Coalition backbencher George Christensen have suggested that the reason he spent more time in Phillipines last year than Australia wasn’t because of his love of scuba diving.

Often referred to as ‘The Fat Bachelor’ by Malcolm Turnbull, George Christensen represents the Dawson electorate in lower North Queensland.

However, during the 2019 election campaign he came to be known as the ‘Member for Manila’ after he was reported to have spent almost 300 days in the Philippines between 2014 and 2018.

While the nicknames may be quite funny, a simple conversation with anyone with any skin in the National Party would suggest that this isn’t very funny at all. Especially given what was uncovered by journalists this week.

A joint investigation between Nine News, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age alleged that Mr Christensen has been doing exactly what everyone kind of thought he was doing over there.

That is, when you look at it subjectively. A morbidly overweight central Queensland bachelor in his forties, making 28 trips to South-East Asian red light precinct famous for its roaring and legally grey sex tourism industry.

However Mr Christensen hit back against the allegations, saying “political operatives and sections of the media” have been engaged in an “ongoing, grubby smear campaign” against him and that he is a really normal guy who isn’t suss at all, even going as far as blocking the release of details from a police probe into why he kept fucking going to The Phillipines.

Both Malcolm Turnbull, Barnaby Joyce and Michael McMormack had received official briefings from Federal investigators in regards to Christensen’s insatiable desire to keep visiting that part of the world.

However, voters in Mackay and surrounds say what are you gonna do. They voted the man in with a 11% swing knowing very well that the AFP have been keeping close eyes on his activities over there.

“Ehh.. Look he seems to have found love,” says one local voter, Daly Bella.

“Better than fucken Shorten”


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