Julian Hunxley has always been firm in his beliefs that the ideal political party is one that balances between socially progressive and fiscally conservative.

Despite living in a gorgeous pre-war workers cottage in Betoota’s bohemian French Quarter, and owning three stunning rescue greyhounds with his husband Brucey – Julian actually isn’t as politically correct as the blaring stereotype would suggest.

For nearly 18-months, the 39-year-old has relished in his dream job as the Director of Acquisitions at one of the Channel Country’s biggest employers, the now Chinese-owned DDCD (Diamantina Dangerous Chemicals Disposals).

He says while his promotion felt a little belated, he’s really happy to have finally gotten the gig – and puts it down to the final render on the full-blown gentrification of gay men in this country. The 2017 same-sex marriage plebiscite.

“The moment the results came through, I exhaled”

‘Not just because I was finally afforded the human right of being able to marry the person I love without the discriminative and outdated interference of Australia’s non-secular laws surrounding marriage equality”

“But because it meant I can now vote Liberal without having to endure the recurring nightmares of Tony Abbott calling me a poofter while dressed as the 1987 Grim Reaper”

As Julian points out, before 2017, the only thing that made him ever reconsider voting Liberal was the fact that the party was stacked with fundamentalist Christians who despised him and his lifestyle.

“They spent most of 2017 telling the Australian population that I was sub-human and an entitled little leftie… It really urked me” he says.

“They should have been focusing their time and energy on slashing taxes for the rich”

However, with the laws now changed, and those same gruelling three months well and truly in the rear view – Julian and Brucey are now able to fully complete their long-awaited political transition:

From fringe-dwelling Darlinghurst nightwalkers to cold-hearted thin-tie-wearing corporates who hold the exact same political beliefs as their red-nosed golf club dads. With the added luxury of having their sexual orientation recognised by law.

While Julian recognises that Turnbull forcing the plebiscite onto his party colleagues may have been a big contributor to his eventual ousting as Prime Minister, he’s still content with backing an evangelical Christian over some low-brow socialist.

“Sure, the party is now arguably more conservative than it was before the laws changed” he says.

“But I can’t really complain, because at the end of the day, I’m still a white dude and rich as fuck.”


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