Not even 24 hours since the Adani coal mine received the green light to begin construction and central Queensland businesses are already reaping the economic benefits.

This follows the news that the controversial multinational has been given the go-ahead to start building its controversial Carmichael coal mine after the Queensland government issued the last major approval this week.

The Indian mining giant cleared its final environmental obstacle yesterday when the Queensland Environment Department approved the company’s groundwater management plan.

Another environmental plan that had been holding up proceedings, to protect the endangered black throated finch bird, was greenlit on 31 May.

While some argue that these environmental risks are just too great to gamble with for around 100-500 short-term jobs, it seems the lefties will now have to eat their words after today’s economic boost to the region.

As of 2:15pm this afternoon, local businesses are experiencing an influx of trade from the new workforce that has been lured to the area.

Liberal Senator Matt Canavan says he was ecstatic to learn a Chiko roll was sold to an Indian automation expert at a Mackay bane marie establishment.

“This is good news” said Canavan.

“I was kinda biting my nails about these the rapidly shrinking employment estimates”

“I know the coal lobbyists are happy, which is the main thing… but really it’s the voters that pay me, on paper…”

“And 100,000 jobs becoming less than 1000 jobs isn’t a good look”

However, Canavan said today’s news of a Chiko roll being sold at a central coast servo is going to be very helpful for his next hurdle of managing the electorate’s expectations”

“It’s good to know the remotely controlled Indian mining robots are big on supporting local businesses”

The Betoota Advocate approached the Indian mining robot for comment, but he was too busy automating the jobs of 100 unskilled Australians.

“beep beep beep” said the robot

“and some sauce thanks love beep beep!”


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