After finding some media traction by spreading misinformation that the Indigenous Voice referendum is a left-wing Trojan horse aimed at forcing honest middle class Australians hand over their heavily mortgaged homes to Aboriginal people – Opposition Leader Peter Dutton must return his focus on getting himself elected.

Scheduled for the 15th of July, the Fadden By-Election is a bigger test for Peter Dutton’s popularity than any constitutional referendum could ever be. Voters in South-East Queensland’s McMansion belt have to make a decision do they stick with the Libs – or do they breathe some fresh air into Parliament.

This comes two months after Anthony Albanese and his candidate Mary Doyle won the ALP another seat in the lower house at the Aston By-Election. Melbourne’s aspirational eastern suburbs swung away from the once safe Liberal alternative by more than 6%.

This seat, which recently vacated by the scandal-soaked Alan Tudge MP, was considered such a blue-ribbon seat for the Liberals that they were actually more concerned about teal independent candidates.

However, Labor won. By a lot. Marking the the first time a sitting government has won a seat at a by-election for over 100 years.

This has put the fear of God into the embattled Opposition, who are now limping into the Fadden By-Election following the resignation of ScoMo’s closest ally and the architect of the criminal robodebt scheme Stuart Robert MP.

At last year’s federal poll, Robert suffered a 4.1 per cent swing against him — but he still won on a margin of 10.6 per cent.

But can Labor do it on the Gold Coast? The chances are slim, but the highly-popular former female mayor turned Independent candidate might.

In true boomer fashion, the Liberals have overlooked the candidacy of any highly qualified frontunners who offered a bit of diversity to their male pale and stale ranks, with prominent businesswoman Fran Ward and quadriplegic emergency doctor Dinesh Palipana both shown the door for Gold Coast councillor and archetypical scomo lookalike Cameron Caldwell.

However, Peter Dutton remains confident, stating that if Australians know what’s good for them then they’ll humiliating him and his party.

“If they swing to Labor or Independent, then well, fuck youse, I guess” said Dutton.

“Ya can’t be helped”


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