As civil rights protests continue in nearly 80 major cities across the United States, President Trump has today called the only man that can give him advice on what to do when your country is on fire.

Sources said Mr Trump rang Mr Morrison this morning to enlist his support in how to manage his own self-care in such a troubling time.

In between phoning Mr Morrison and teargassing protestors so that he could prove he didn’t need a bunker to be safe, Mr Trump inflamed the situation in the US by threatening to call out the military to suppress the unrest.

It is believed that Morrison was unaware that a Channel 7 cameraman had been insulted by D.C riot police at the time of the phone call, not that he would have confronted his political idol about it anyway.

The PM’s office has today clarified that the phone call was mostly Trump asking for pointers in how to manage his work life/balance during unprecedented civil unrest.

With his country continuing to descend into unflattering display of public disorder, it appears that Trump is starting to get a bit tired and grouchy.

Morrison had the answer for him.

“Donny, mate, I’m telling ya. Hawaii”

“You aren’t the first bloke to experience a shock to the approval ratings because of your inability to handle a crisis”

“Take it from me”

“The best thing you can do right now is park your arse in Waikiki and ride this thing out”

“I’ll get Jenny to send Melania the name of the place we stayed at”


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