The age old fetishisation of healthcare workers has been ramped up over the last fortnight, as a large majority of the earth’s population are ordered to stay indoors and think about sexy doctors and nurses are.

In fact, according to the Google search rankings, Australians think hospital workers are hotter than every before.

But not only are they hot, they are also brave, as healthcare workers are particularly vulnerable to infection that has resulted in 2800 confirmed cases of coronavirus around Australia- with 13 deaths.

It is not clear whether or not the attractiveness of our doctors and nurses is purely physical, or related directly to their bravery.

At 8pm last night every resident in the UK took to their balconies to applaud and cheer the brave hospital staff currently battling against the COVID-19 pandemic. In Australia, they have been offered free soft drinks by McDonalds, which is still a pretty big deal.

However, Health Minister Greg Hunt has told Australians that healthcare workers are people too – and to stop focusing on how hot they are and start to think about how exhausted and overworked they are.

Health experts say Australia’s hospitals are already operating at capacity and there is no room for a coronavirus surge – and while our doctors and nurses might be super hot, there will not be enough of them.

Australians are being urged to take this ‘stay at home’ shit seriously and stop fucking whingeing about what you are missing out on because this isn’t about you.


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