Do you think you have it in you to design the cover for the upcoming Betoota Advocate book? Are you a budding graphic designer? Can you respond to briefs in a relatively professional manner?

Will you not get heartbroken if we decide your work is a little bit too how ya goin?

Then maybe you might want to throw your hat in the ring for the chance to immortalise yourself within Australian literary history.

Our publisher has $1200 dollars ready to go into someone’s bank account, and we’ve decided that our readers seem to be able to articulate the voice of The Betoota Advocate better than anyone in the newsroom.

Here’s the brief:
Due for print in October 2021, our next book ‘Betoota-isms’ is the official guide to the Australian slang and terminology that has either been coined or featured in the writing of the Betoota Advocate.

Working alongside the Deniliquin Dictionary, we have been able to put these sayings and lingo into an official Dictionary format.


As seen with the previous book covers pictured above, it is important to pay homage to our newspaper by including the Betoota lyrebird logo, and ‘The Betoota Advocate’ (font: libre baskerville) somewhere on the front cover.

(Assets available here)

As for the title text, we would like to continue with the dictionary theme by including the phonetic alphabet spelling of the title in a smaller font underneath, as showcased:

Title: Betoota-isms

/bə’tu:tə-izmz/ plural noun

The tagline of the book that we would like to include is one of two:

1. The Betoota Advocate’s definitive dictionary guide.
2. A dictionary guide to The Betoota Advocate’s most memorable slang, nicknames and sayings–Other than it’s up to you.

Obviously we are based in the Western QLD Outback, so the themes of Australiana, the harsh elements, the characters and the bush will always land with us and our audience – but feel free to get weird.

Please email all submissions to [email protected] with one sentence explaining yourself. Submissions close on the 26th of July.

The specs are:
Width: 164 mm (allowing a 5 mm bleed on either side)
Height: 243 mm (allowing a 5 mm bleed top and bottom)

Extra notes: The editors will be making the final decision as to who gets the gig internally, so as to avoid a Boaty McBoatface scenario, but with permission we would also like to filter out some of the submissions onto social media with credit. Please only submit to the email provided, any DMs will likely be lost in the abyss.

That’s it. Good luck.


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