The town of Wagga Wagga today has a new dark prince of Baylis Street, after the embattled AFL legend Wayne Carey lost his crown as the town’s most red hot bloke.

This comes as their disgraced former state MP Daryl Maguire has admitted to the NSW corruption watchdog he accepted “thousands of dollars” as part of a cash-for-visa scheme.

Maguire appears to have perjured himself countless times throughout ICAC investigations into his criminal behaviour as an elected member of the New South Wales Parliament – which involved some of this most brazen acts of political corruption since the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

Some of the accusations levelled towards Maguire point to him utilising his role as the secret lover to the Premier to acquire contacts that could aid him in his criminal dealings with both the Chinese, property developers, and an assortment of other criminals.

Today’s ICAC hearing has all but confirmed his status as the most lawless bloke to come out of Wagga, pushing Wayne Carey into second place.

Carey, who was so red hot that his well-protected off-field discretions were still able to overshadow his legacy as the greatest Aussie Rules footballer of all time, simply cannot compete with someone who has bags of cash delivered to his office, while his son directs electoral staff to shred paper trail documents during police raids of the family home.

Carey – who is remembered for doing a fuck load of cocaine, bashing police officers, rooting his vice captain’s wife in front of the whole team, as well as a long, long list of assault and domestic violence convictions – now looks like quite a well behaved country boy.

The NSW Premier has done well to keep herself an arms-length from the misconduct perpetrated by her ex-lover, with female voters resonating with her claims that she didn’t know how much of a deadshit he was until after they broke up.

A no-confidence motion in the NSW Premier was adjourned in the Upper House today, but will continue being debated after Question Time. She will likely survive.

At time of press, King Carey had arrived back in Wagga and pulled up a seat at the Victoria Hotel, witnesses say he looks intent on taking back his crown.


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