One local dad has today learnt the hard way that it pays to carry a notebook on him during school netball pick up and whatever other brief iPhone-free intervals he manages to squeeze a conversation in with daughter Amy.

Terry Drury (48) says the last time he heard, ‘Katie W’ was flavour of the month.

The Betoota Heights civil landscaper and embattled father of teenage girls, says despite the volatile dinner table conversations that he tries his best to sail through each evening, he still wasn’t made aware that Katie W is now in fact with another group.

What’s more, he had no idea who the new best friend even is, despite being told he’s heard of her before.

This all come to the fray this afternoon, when Terry stupidly made the mistake of telling his daughters they should bring friends with them to grandma’s house this weekend.

“I’m talking about the right Katie, right? The one with the dad who’s a chef” says Terry, after his suggestion of inviting Katie on a road trip was violently slapped down.

“Dad…..” said his 15-year-old daughter, with flames flickering in her eyes.

“What, why… WHY in the FUCK, would we be inviting Katie W ANYWHERE!”

Terry, so bewildered by the newfound hatred of Katie W, forgets to even reprimand his daughter for her completely unacceptable language.

While treading water, he looks to his wife. She can’t help him.

Amy continues.

“Katie W is a bitch. I haven’t spoken to her in ages”

Terry tries to make sense of all of this.

“Well, who’s your best friend now?”

The entire table begin rolling their eyes, as Terry is put on blast for ‘never remembering’ the names of the 48 other teenage girls that orbit in and out of his living room.

Amy is now crying for some reason.

“MY BEST FRIEND IS CAITLYN NOT KATIE!” she shouts, before storming to her bedroom and slamming the door as hard as she possibly can.


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