A cute guy on Hinge has today alerted suspicion from multiple women, when his profile appeared to have no trace of outdoor activities –  in particular, hiking.

James Wood [27] is said to have been on the app for roughly twelve hours, when he was suddenly locked out of his account. Prior to being booted, James admits he only received two matches and that one of them had actually gone as far as asking him to verify his existence.

Feeling confused, frustrated and a little rejected, James sought to find out why his account looked fake and was surprised to discover his content did not fit the typical Queensland male.

Our reporter speaks to one of the women who reported his profile, for more information.

“It was really bizarre”, says Steph [25]. “There wasn’t a single picture of him hiking.”

“He didn’t even mention hiking in one of the question prompts?”

“No camping or 4WD adventures either. He didn’t even look like he enjoyed skiing.”

“Frankly, I’m sick of these bots and catfishes ruining dating apps… I’m like ‘where are all the guys wearing sunglasses and posing with five other mates”.

Another woman, Elise [31] says she tried hard to find any information that disputed her suspicions.

“He used the prompt ‘I’ll fall for you if” and didn’t even answer with a, “if you trip me.”

“Nothing about finding the Pam to his Jim either.”

“But the most telling sign that I was talking to a bot was the wholesome photo of him patting Labrador. That’s not real life. If they have a dog it’s usually a bully breed and they are posing with it like it’s cover of a rap album”

“They could have tried a lot harder to fool us. Probably some scammers in Russia or something”

More to come.


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