Dayne Greenacre says he feels like he is "killing it" with his new style of facial hair


A bloke you kind of knew in high school, and haven’t had much to do with since, has grown an edgy chin strap – confirms Facebook.

The prominent Christian youth leader and Foo Fighters enthusiast says he now feels confident in his youthfulness – thanks to a daring yet revolutionary style of beard.

“It’s like, the rest of the kids on the camps know I’m in charge because of the beard. But they also know they can trust me because it’s kind of rough”

Dayne Greenacre, 29,  has been using a “chin curtain beard” discreetly for days now to give the illusion of a definable jawline or chin.

The chin curtain or chinstrap is a distant cousin of the neck-beard – a style of facial hair that was pioneered by ABC journalists in the late 1970’s.

“Make no mistake about it, the Chin Curtain drapes the jawline and chin with hair,” said Mr Greenacre.

“However, its purpose isn’t to conceal said areas, but rather, to define and accentuate them,”

“With this look, you’ve got nothing to hide,” he said.

However, not everyone feels the same way.

“It looks ridiculous,” said Acting Constable Grant Clarke of the local Police.

“Saw him pull in to town this morning with a dirty big grin on his face,”

“Then I saw it. Me and Bill bloody near doubled over and died from laughter,” he said.

The hottest chick in your old town, Sylvia Stevens, has gone on record this afternoon and stated that Mr Greenacre is “a really nice guy” and “so funny” but “doesn’t feel comfortable with him staring at her all the time”.


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