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Rumours that high-school friend and freelance dreadlock maker Bella Rickard (28) is getting her life on track appear to be falsified as a source close to Rickard confirmed her friend did, in fact, have CDs in her car.

Speaking exclusively with The Advocate friend of Rickard, Ellen Woodley (28), stated that during a recent lift in Rickard’s 1999 Hyundai Excel she found it hard to find a place to put her feet as the car was so full of Orchy bottles, Maccas bags and innumerable CDs.

“Not just a couple of old CDs there were empty cases in there but dozens of live Bob Dylan disks it looks like she burnt recently,” stated an emotional Woodley.

“I thought she was back on track. We were all so happy for her when we thought she’d finally put the bong down”

Woodley admits life has not been great for Rickard who has dealt with attention span problems due to her use of MDMA every weekend since she was 17.

On top of this, Rickard has also been ‘catfished’ 19 times in two years, including one incident where she accidentally catfished herself.

Friends and family of Rickard began being hopeful for the young woman’s future earlier in the year when she accepted a receptionist job she knew she would grow to hate.

“I was so proud of her,” recalled mother Joyce Rickard (52).

“She had to wear makeup and everything because there were men in the office you know. Good to get talking to some of them don’t you think!”

The glimmer of hope experienced by Rickard’s loved ones only makes the news about the CDs in the car all the more devastating as they now worry she will be slipping back into old habits.

“I’m just scared that she’s going to mention how she wouldn’t mind getting back into photography or that she wants to move to Cairns again.”

More to come.



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