It’s Careers Day at Betoota West Sports High today, as senior students are given the opportunity to explore the many different paths that may await them upon graduation.

While the academic kids hysterically quiz representatives from the top tier universities about entry exams and gateway courses, the petrolheads are gathering around the TAFE booth to ask questions about what types of car engines they’ll be allowed to work on as apprentice mechanics in exactly 6 months.

The theatre kids are getting their hopes up talking to the NIDA crowd, and the Filipino students are talking to the Filipino nurses from the Australian Catholic University.

Other than that, the gamers and prefects are talking the Police Force recruiters – and the stoners have just realised that you can actually study art.

It’s a great chance for the students to envision not only where they will end up, but also where their classmates will end up. And all eyes are on the jocks.

While the school boasts several footballers who are already in talks with the NRL and Super Rugby, it’s not those boys that everyone is looking at. In fact, the boys with contracts didn’t even bother to show up.

It’s the unsigned schoolboy footy stars that are of the most interest. The ones who have not thought about alternative career options outside of professional sport until this very moment. The lads whose football trajectories have been hindered by their other great passion of bullying nerds and gatecrashing house parties.

“What’s going on here” asks Jeremy Rathbidge, a fringe first grade player who has been lured to the Australian Defence Force booth by the cool images of firearms and helicopters.

“Do you get to shoot people?’

The ADF representative shrugs.


Jeremy’s eyes light up as his hand hovers towards a pamphlet.

“Haha. Awesome”

They’ve got a live one here.

“Oi boys!!!” Jeremy yells across the gymnasium.

“Check this shit out!”


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