Much to the dismay of Former Prime Minister John Howard, Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, News Corp columnist’s Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine – Cardinal Pell has today been sentenced to six years in prison by Judge Peter Kidd in the Melbourne Country Court today.

This comes after the highest-ranking Catholic figure in Australia was found guilty of 5 counts of child sexual abuse in a landmark case for both the country and the rest of the world.

The guilty verdict relates to charges that occurred over 22 years ago, and were followed by decades of denials and assurances by powerful conservatives and religious figures across the country, and the globe, who insisted that nothing untoward was occurring in the Catholic Church.

Pell was finally sentenced after close to an hour of remarks from the Judge Kidd today, after he spent a week in remand.

As of now he is currently being transported to the bing, the mutt. Where he will likely go into protection, the dog.

While the verdict was handed down on December 11, the court’s suppression order wasn’t lifted until last week, after other charges that date back decades earlier to his time in Ballarat were thrown out – due to the Australia’s conservative pedophile-apologist media’s inability to respect the court’s wishes by writing as much as they could about it without being put on the stand themselves for contempt of court.

While some would argue that a mere sentence of 6 years with at least 3 years none parole doesn’t necessarily constitute the lot, the fact that one of the most protected rock spiders in Australian history will most likely die in prison is a big win for the thousands of the child abuse survivors that were preyed upon by Catholic figures throughout the country.

The Vatican is yet to give a statement about their third-highest employee being sentenced to the lot, but they are most likely sweating on who’s next.

While prison isn’t exactly the safest place for a convicted rock spider like Cardinal Pell, it is presumed that he will live longer under protection in the Victorian justice system then he would if he ever returned to Ballarat, where we believe there is a fair few people that wouldn’t mind a chat.



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