A Brunswick freelancer has today found herself descending into full-blown classism, in her final stand against the proposed Adani coal mine in central Queensland.

This comes as the Indian mining firm’s project cleared its final environmental hurdle with Queensland Environment Department approval of a groundwater management plan yesterday afternoon.

However, Anita Chytie said none of this would be happening if democracy was left to people who actually care about it.

“It’s because poor and uneducated people are being convinced to vote against their own interest” says the 26-year-old part-time sub-editor for a Himalayan salt lamp industry magazine.

Anita says she was heartbroken to learn that Adani expects to start work on its Carmichael mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin within weeks.

She says the 5.071 million people of Queensland have single-handedly ruined the environment, by not acknowledging her placards that declared the 2019 Federal Election as a ‘Climate Election’.

“I hate to say it, but really, until we can get control of the environment… I think voting should be made non-compulsory”

“It’s not like these people would be voting if they didn’t have to”

Aside from their obvious hatred for the environment, Anita says ‘towns like Adani’ shouldn’t be excused from the democratic process because they really aren’t up to speed with the national conversation.

“They are just so backward up there”

“I’d hate to think about how Adam Goodes was treated when he played in North Queensland”


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