A local Betoota-based murderer who made a few headlines before he got caught will spend the rest of his life in prison without any form of glorification, it has been confirmed.

Beaudeane Mopp (35) had the eye of the greater Diamantina Shire for a while there, before ultimately being located and arrested without any signs of resist.

Despite being technically classed as a spree-killer on paper, most of his victims were known to him, and weren’t really that interesting. Beaudeane is also not very rich and has pretty much admitted to being guilty since the day he was caught.

Locals were reportedly furious after the news broke that he had been prosecuted without being framed by dirty cops, or protected by wealthy family members.

“Oh shit. I thought we were gonna have our own Snowtown lol” said one commenter.

“Dammit. He didn’t even have some weird cross-dressing kink” wrote another.

As the podcasting and TV streaming world takes continues to stay afloat purely based off the back of online audience’s bankable obsession with murder and murder mystery, Mr Mopp’s story is so boring that he’s not even going even going to cop an SBS interactive online map outlining the locations of each crime.

Beaudeane will remain essentially nameless until he dies in prison, where he is serving time for killing people, which is what usually happens when you kill people.


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