20 October, 2015. 12:50

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David Jones has been forced to defend its decision to feature former Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes as a brand ambassador.

This comes as Australian social media users made the retail chain aware of the offense that had been caused by choosing such a controversial sporting identity.

The retired AFL player and former Australian of the Year is one of six new ambassadors for the retail giant and features in its new “It’s In You” advertising campaign.


While many of the complaints have come in the shape of long-winded tirades surrounding the former superstar’s Indigenous ancestry – a large portion of the posts were from users who found an easier way to articulate their disgust. Majority of the sledgers have been just writing “boo” – a blatant reference the racist heckling and controversy that dogged the latter days of Goodes’ AFL career.

Racist social media users continue to boo Adam Goodes
Racist social media users continue to boo Adam Goodes

Alongside David Jones, both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous community leaders have rushed to condemn the behaviour of societies’ bottom rung.

Long-time supporter and close friend of Adam Goodes, John Laws was one of many high profile media personalities to give comment.

“This is a disgrace,” said the elderly talkback radio magnate.

“But, let’s not tar the whole country with the same brush. Australia doesn’t have a problem with Adam Goodes… Victoria has a problem with Adam Goodes,”

“These smug Southerners hate to see their game dominated by a black man who isn’t from Melbourne… and now they have followed him into retirement,”

Radio personality, John Laws, says "Victorians are fucking racist"
Radio personality, John Laws, says “Victorians are fucking racist”

“I say suck it up you low breed silvertails,”

However, it would seem the condemnations from even the most conservative commentators has not been enough to change the prejudicial behaviour of disgruntled middle class Australians from the suburbs. 

Local man, Bryce Heydon says he’s “fucking sick of Goodesy’s shit”.

“I’m not racist but… I boo Goodes just coz he ducks his head for free kicks,”

“Not to mention the way he ridiculed that 13-year-old bogan girl from Collingwood, just because she decided to publicly draw parallels between an entire race of oppressed Indigenous people and a lower-than-human species of primate,”

“I booed him out of the game. I’m very proud of that,”

While very articulate in his dislike for Adam Goodes, Mr Heydon was unable to explain why he continued to heckle the man, post-retirement,

“Mate, the last thing I wanna see when I’m scouring through my Facebook newsfeed for photos of my nieces’ friends… Is that bloke dolled up in a suit and looking respectable,”

“It’s not in line with my memories of him playing football. Shouldn’t he be wearing a lap-lap and doing his spear-chucking shit? He used to steal so many free penalties..”

“I’m gonna boo him until David Jones sack him,”

“Booing brand ambassadors like Adam Goodes is a normal part of the retail marketing game,”


Adam Goodes (while still playing) responds to racist booing by performing an Indigenous war dance
Adam Goodes (while still playing) responds to racist booing by performing an Indigenous war dance



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